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December 2, 2015

A Place For Fun and Delicious Food


Cafés are supposed to be a place for people to have a nice cup of coffee and eatables on the side. A location where one can relax and have a nice time with friends. This remains the concept behind Red Canoe Café. The Café has built a place for the people of Harford, a friendly and comfy place where they can come and enjoy a nice meal and at the same time get to take part in some fun activities as well. There is a lot more to offer than a simple café and once you get a taste, you will keep coming back.a73b9b8583e1a06b-IMG_2524

At Red Canoe Café, they value our community very much. They know what the people in Harford want and do their best to cater for everybodies needs both in terms of food and entertainment. You will find enticing breakfast and lunch menus here as well as our homemade muffins that are going to please your taste buds and at the same time give you a feeling on being home. This is a family owned and independent café which is why you will feel right at home here and enjoy the ambience in a much more relaxed manner.

Apart from the delicious breakfast and lunch offerings, there is books for children too. The excellent children bookstore has a number of books available that provide valuable lessons to the kids in addition to being entertaining and fun to read. The idea behind the bookstore is to cultivate the habit of reading among the younger generation. To help encourage the children to read, all of the books are available for a very moderate price. They feature a new book each week so you will have new books to choose from all the time. There is also a story and crafts segment every Thursday morning where the children get to hear stories and hone their crafting skills.

78b1b6eced7c734b-IMG_1321In addition to the children, there is a lot on offer for the adults too. They hold regular events at Red Canoe Café and there is always something going on for you to participate in. From book signings to art shows, they make sure that the events appeal to our community and provide everyone with the entertainment they are looking for.

So, come to Red Canoe Café and enjoy the delicious homemade muffins and breakfast and lunch items all the while enjoying the many events that are held here all year round.

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