How to Raise Your Kids and Still Have Time for Yourself by Ariel Stefan

Every parent loves to hang out with their kids despite all the work and chores that need to be done by the end of the day, but with that, do you still manage to have your “me time”? Parents tend to struggle finding some time for themselves, and those parents will totally relate and will find How to Raise Your Kids and Still Have Time for Yourself by Ariel Stefan very helpful. This book guides you on how to raise your kids well and, at the same time, have a relaxing time for yourself. This book gives you informative parenting advices at the stage of your child’s development. The author really emphasizes the importance of your time with your kids and yourself as well. It will truly make you think, realize some things, and gain more knowledge while reading.

Taking care of yourself and having a time alone doesn’t mean you’re the worst parent in the planet. There’s no need to be guilty about this since it is pretty much normal for a parent. This ultimate guide will tell you how to go about this dilemma. It points out that time management is the key to have enough time with your kids and yourself. Effective parenting advice and tips are covered here that will turn you into a better individual and parent. What’s interesting about how the author wrote it is that it doesn’t just focus on one child stage but every stage your kids will undertake.  Everything in this book can help you all the way.

This book will teach you the most effective time management techniques to achieve the healthiest balance in your life. It also talks about having your schedules set up and listed. It will also point out how having daily routines will facilitate time management. In the end, you’ll learn how to find a relaxing time after all the hard work and tiring duties as a parent.

How to Raise Your Kids and Still Have Time for Yourself was written wisely and concisely. It’s a worthwhile read for the parents. . Every page will not bore you. There are a lot of books out there that have a similar message, but what particularly makes it different is the flow and presentation. By reading just the first few pages, you can already indulge yourself with its substantial impression.


Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5