Parenting With Love and Logic Book Review

September 4, 2015

Parenting is not an exact science and there is no certain way of handling kids. Mothers are often very fussed about how they would deal with their children. There are a number of everyday situations where parenting choices have a deep impact on a child’s psyche, personality and behavior and how the rest of the child’s life would turn out. With the role of a parent so important, knowing successful techniques of bringing up children always helps. Parenting with Love and Logic is a book which has been authored by the renowned writer Foster Cline and it looks to helps parents, especially mothers, in understanding their child’s psyche and in upbringing him/her in a manner that would set a good base for the child to grow from.

Main Idea/Focus of the Book

The book’s main focus lies in helping parents understand that their child is not someone who can be forced into doing anything. A lot of the parents take a strict approach to parenting because it often seems like that it is the only way which would work with children. There is a feeling among mothers that children make bad decisions on their own while since their brains aren’t developed enough to logically understand the point of the parents, enforcing decisions on the children is the best way to go about it. The book defies the entire concept and looks to give the parents solutions that would help them ensure that the children make their decisions on their own and end up making decisions that would prove beneficial for them.

The book discusses a number of ideas though the core focus of the book is on parents never letting their anger or disgust get the better of them in front of their children. The author, Foster Cline, is of the thought that if children are made responsible for their own actions, they would learn faster and would always stay in a better position to make their decisions when they would grow up. So, the approach suggested is to basically give the child two choices and each of the two choices should be acceptable for the parents. The child can then choose on his own and then shoulder responsibility for the decision too.


There are some great passages in the book and the detail with which the concept of the book is explained is wonderful. The idea that children should be responsible for their decisions and the idea that parents should deal with their children with love only and should never get angry are very well-explained. The book looks to instill an idea in parents that they are guides rather  than strict enforcers and thereby, their most important job is to put their child in the best possible state to fight the challenges of life on his/her own.


The main problem with the book is that while the ideas are terrific and well-explained, the practical examples leave a lot to be desired. Some of the examples are too harsh and actually go against the main idea presented by the book. On the other hand, some examples are too outlandish and it’s difficult to find them in real life.

The Bottom Line

The book is a great read for mothers and fathers with the main idea of the book being very inspiring.

Wrap Up

Parenting with Love and Logic

  • 7/10


  • Explanation of children being responsible for their decisions
  • Instills an idea in parents that they are guides rather than strict enforcers


  • Practical examples leave a lot to be desired
  • Some examples are too outlandish and it’s difficult to find them in real life

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