The No Cry Sleep Solution Review
Sleep / November 18, 2015

The No-Cry Sleep Solution Book Review

Babies tend to cry a lot before going to sleep and there are two schools of thoughts on how to deal with the problem. One school of thought thinks that letting the baby cry it out is the only way possible. The other school of thought says to bear the crying and to stay with the baby throughout regardless of the amount of time it takes for them to go to sleep. However, most parents usually want a compromise between the two. They don’t want their babies to go to sleep after crying a lot on their own nor do they want to stay awake for the entire night. Elizabeth Pantley’s take on the topic ‘The No Cry Sleep Solution‘ is interesting because it looks to help the mothers understand how to make their baby go to sleep as soon as possible without letting them cry.

Book Overview

The book has a number of chapters with a first few chapters entailing details about the reason why kids find it difficult to take naps at night and why it’s important for them to actually take naps at night. The book then moves onto no cry sleep solutions. From helping mothers understand how they can change the nap times of their young ones to the effective swaddling position which can help babies in going to sleep, the book goes into great depth to explain the various solutions that can be tried with the children to help them follow a health sleep pattern.

What’s To Like About the Book

There is a lot to like about the book. The solutions discussed in the book are not Pantley’s own whims. These solutions have existed and have worked for a huge population in many parts of the world and the author has done extensive research in finding the solutions and in explaining how these solutions help the children in going to sleep.

The book’s introductory chapters are extremely helpful. The book doesn’t dive into the solutions from the get go and first entails a lot of information on sleep, how much do children need it and why children have issues in falling asleep.  The information is helpful for mothers in understanding why their children behave as they do and also helps the mothers in knowing the exact amount of sleep their children need every day.

From helping you to determine what nap time would suit you and your child the best to giving good advice on co-sleeping and how its not necessary for your child to learn to sleep on his/her own right from the start.

What’s To Dislike About the Book

There are a couple of small issues with the book too though. The book probably should explain why the approach of ‘letting the child cry himself/herself to sleep’ is not effective. The book’s content is also written in such a manner that it can only help in putting newborns or one year olds to sleep. If a child has already grown up a bit, the book’s solutions won’t help much.

The Bottom Line

The book is a great read for young mothers who are either expecting or have just had a newborn. With a great collection of solutions, you are bound to pick up a solution that would work very well for you.