How to Raise Your Kids and Still Have Time for Yourself by Ariel Stefan

Every parent loves to hang out with their kids despite all the work and chores that need to be done by the end of the day, but with that, do you still manage to have your “me time”? Parents tend to struggle finding some time for themselves, and those parents will totally relate and will find How to Raise Your Kids and Still Have Time for Yourself by Ariel Stefan very helpful. This book guides you on how to raise your kids well and, at the same time, have a relaxing time for yourself. This book gives you informative parenting advices at the stage of your child’s development. The author really emphasizes the importance of your time with your kids and yourself as well. It will truly make you think, realize some things, and gain more knowledge while reading.

Taking care of yourself and having a time alone doesn’t mean you’re the worst parent in the planet. There’s no need to be guilty about this since it is pretty much normal for a parent. This ultimate guide will tell you how to go about this dilemma. It points out that time management is the key to have enough time with your kids and yourself. Effective parenting advice and tips are covered here that will turn you into a better individual and parent. What’s interesting about how the author wrote it is that it doesn’t just focus on one child stage but every stage your kids will undertake.  Everything in this book can help you all the way.

This book will teach you the most effective time management techniques to achieve the healthiest balance in your life. It also talks about having your schedules set up and listed. It will also point out how having daily routines will facilitate time management. In the end, you’ll learn how to find a relaxing time after all the hard work and tiring duties as a parent.

How to Raise Your Kids and Still Have Time for Yourself was written wisely and concisely. It’s a worthwhile read for the parents. . Every page will not bore you. There are a lot of books out there that have a similar message, but what particularly makes it different is the flow and presentation. By reading just the first few pages, you can already indulge yourself with its substantial impression.


Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5


The Parenting Survival Kit: How to Make it Through the Parenting Years Review
Decision Making , Relationship Building / January 19, 2016

Written by Aleta Koman, this book gives an interesting insight on becoming a parent and how to tackle the ups and downs of parenthood. There are many factors that parents face on a daily basis, which can make life not that easy. This is probably why parents easily become stressed juggling worlds of both family life and work. This is probably why many may consider parenthood as a daunting task especially in today’s modern world. However, with the right attitude towards experimenting with a number of different approaches towards it, no parent will be left behind. Parents ask a million questions whether their parenting methods are right or wrong. No one wants to sacrifice their sanity when dealing with children with different personalities and attitudes.

This book is written in such a way where parents need to realize that their expectations and reality among their children are two different things. Sometimes, there’s a tendency of blurring those lines together and creating an unhealthy balance between the two. This book focuses on gaining a healthy understanding on the entire idea of parenthood and how realistic your approach to it is. It can be somewhat classified as a self-help book, but it’s also more of a guide on how to better approach your children in an assertive but caring way. After all, as a parent, you’ll need to grasp the fundamentals of parenthood so that you can raise children as independent individuals who will be ready to tackle almost everything that life has to offer them.

The topics that are found in this particular book are holistic as they look into every aspect of parenthood. If you have any questions regarding certain things, it is most likely that you will find the right answers in this book. There are also a lot of interesting topics that match today’s world such as children and technology as well as on how you should discipline your children. There are also sensitive topics that are discussed since they are existent within today’s society. One of them includes the topic of divorce that some parents do face in this generation.

The book is very real and has a sensible approach towards parenthood. The author of the book hardly uses euphemisms as she is direct when approaching certain ideas that parents might have not considered. This reason can be linked to the fact that Koman is a child and family therapist and has had experience in dealing with such events in relation to her clients. This is probably why the book can speak out to you on so many ways those other books of similar topic fail to do.

Other than that, this book includes valuable resources that parents can explore into, which makes it a handy source for all your parenting concerns. This reference can be the book you can turn to no matter what kind of child-rearing concern you currently have.


Rating: 4 stars out of 5


How to Talk so Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk Book Review
Punishment , Relationship Building / December 3, 2015

Parenting is no easy task and one of the biggest worries for parents remains their relationship with their kids. There is nothing more worrying for a mother than her child not speaking to her or not listening to what she has to say. Children are often difficult to understand and while a mother is probably in the best position to understand their child’s behavior, there are a number of instances when the mother can become clueless too. It is for these situations where the book named ‘How to Listen so that Kids will talk and how to talk so that kids will listen’ comes up with the best solutions. Adele Farber is the brains behind the book and Elaine Mazlish is the co-author.

Basic Overview of the Book

The book basically consists of content that draws out a number of different scenarios and then gives you an idea about what you should do as a mother in order to improve your relationship with your child. Mothers often understand the reasoning behind their child’s behavior and also know the rational thing to do in the situation. However, in the heat of the moment, mothers end up doing things that end up alienating their child a bit more. The book puts great emphasis on training the mothers for these specific situations so that they don’t lose their cool and use the right words to coax their child into co-operating with them.

Different Chapters and the Topics Covered

The book focuses on a vast number of areas in different chapters and has a worksheet-esque format at the end of each chapter so that mothers can practice what they have learnt on paper first before doing the same with their child.

The first chapter works on the mother’s ability to guide the child about things he/she feels strongly about. The core idea in the chapter is how to handle the situation and how not to ‘enforce’ your opinion on the child.

Another chapter works on ways to increase your child’s co-operation with you with the main focus of the chapter being scenarios where your child might not be co-operating and how you can turn the situation in your favor.

Another chapter covers punishments and how mothers can actually avoid giving their children punishments. The chapter is titled ‘Alternatives to Punishments’ and the book discusses a few alternatives that can be tried which can not only teach the child the lesson you want to teach but can also strengthen your bond with the child at the same time.

A couple of chapters also deal with the concept of autonomy for children and how much should mothers give their child the space to make his/her own decision. It’s always a testing topic for mothers as they want to be involved in their child’s every decision and the book offers quite a few solutions for the mothers to ensure that they give their child the autonomy to make decisions but cultivate such a sense of responsibility in the child that the decisions made are always for his/her own good.

The Bottom Line

The most amazing thing about the book is that it helps mothers with choosing the right phrases with communicating with their children and helps them understand a child’s predicament in a number of different situations. The book may just be 368 pages long but it surely is a gospel for mothers who want a strong and respectful relationship with their young children.


The book definitely deserves a 5 out of 5 rating.

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Parenting With Love and Logic Book Review
Decision Making , Relationship Building / September 4, 2015

Parenting is not an exact science and there is no certain way of handling kids. Mothers are often very fussed about how they would deal with their children. There are a number of everyday situations where parenting choices have a deep impact on a child’s psyche, personality and behavior and how the rest of the child’s life would turn out. With the role of a parent so important, knowing successful techniques of bringing up children always helps. Parenting with Love and Logic is a book which has been authored by the renowned writer Foster Cline and it looks to helps parents, especially mothers, in understanding their child’s psyche and in upbringing him/her in a manner that would set a good base for the child to grow from.

Main Idea/Focus of the Book

The book’s main focus lies in helping parents understand that their child is not someone who can be forced into doing anything. A lot of the parents take a strict approach to parenting because it often seems like that it is the only way which would work with children. There is a feeling among mothers that children make bad decisions on their own while since their brains aren’t developed enough to logically understand the point of the parents, enforcing decisions on the children is the best way to go about it. The book defies the entire concept and looks to give the parents solutions that would help them ensure that the children make their decisions on their own and end up making decisions that would prove beneficial for them.

The book discusses a number of ideas though the core focus of the book is on parents never letting their anger or disgust get the better of them in front of their children. The author, Foster Cline, is of the thought that if children are made responsible for their own actions, they would learn faster and would always stay in a better position to make their decisions when they would grow up. So, the approach suggested is to basically give the child two choices and each of the two choices should be acceptable for the parents. The child can then choose on his own and then shoulder responsibility for the decision too.


There are some great passages in the book and the detail with which the concept of the book is explained is wonderful. The idea that children should be responsible for their decisions and the idea that parents should deal with their children with love only and should never get angry are very well-explained. The book looks to instill an idea in parents that they are guides rather  than strict enforcers and thereby, their most important job is to put their child in the best possible state to fight the challenges of life on his/her own.


The main problem with the book is that while the ideas are terrific and well-explained, the practical examples leave a lot to be desired. Some of the examples are too harsh and actually go against the main idea presented by the book. On the other hand, some examples are too outlandish and it’s difficult to find them in real life.

The Bottom Line

The book is a great read for mothers and fathers with the main idea of the book being very inspiring.