November 19, 2015

As a mother, I have always felt that mothering is a very special job which requires total attention on the part of the mother. You need to know everything about the baby and how to take care of him. However, when I first became a mother, there was no one to help me out. I had no knowledge whatsoever and there were so many things I needed to know. I then turned to books and had to go through quite a few of them before I even learnt anything. It was that day that I decided that no mother should go through this problem and came up with the idea of this website.

On Red Canoe, I review and suggest mothering books for mothers who are with child or are expecting one soon. You will find the reviews of all the mothering books that helped me in learning how to take care of my child and also some other books that I have found extremely helpful for young mothers. I know from personal experience how difficult it can be for a young mother to decide what is best for her child and what should she be doing to take proper care of her angel. The mothering books I recommend here will help you in becoming a better mother.

I have found mothering books to be very helpful. They are a nice way of learning about this full time job which is extremely tedious but is very rewarding too. Through the mothering books reviewed on this site, you can learn many things that would come in handy to you when the newborn will arrive in this world. Things like what to feed the baby and what would be best for him during the early days are mentioned in detail in these books. So, you would have no trouble in deciding what is right for your baby.

You are also going to find a great number of reviews of books which are going to take you through the whole phase from when you conceive to the birth of your baby and beyond. These books will teach you a lot of things that you might not have known or your doctor might have failed to tell you or you would have been hesitant in asking your doctor. You will find these books to be your companion throughout your pregnancy and even beyond that when you become a mother.

My recommendations of mothering books are my gift to you mothers out there who try so very hard to do the best they can for their babies. Armed with the knowledge you gain from these books, it will become a lot easier for you to understand the needs of your baby, simplifying your task of caring for him. The books I review are informational but are easy to read to as well, so you are going to have no difficulty in understanding them. Just give these mothering books a read and you are going to learn a great deal about mothering and how to care for your child.

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